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new Beta 2011-03-21

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:21 am    Post subject: new Beta 2011-03-21 Reply with quote

A new Beta is out.
this one requires to empty the scripts folder before installing it over a previous one...

***mesh: set smooth group with angle
***mesh: on ground, under ground, unit size and center commands
***color: user palette
***preferences: save default light type and pos.
***uv: move faces and edges manipulator
***uv: split tool delta
***uv: face select: paint selection
***menu: color palette in the edit menu
***edge: cut and join tool bug
***vertex: knife tool not working when going from to outside the object
***texture proj: Set test texture (remove other textures)

***uv: v align, h align commands
***uv: no texture needed (default to 2048x2048)
***mesh: crash when merging objects
***uv: double in vtx mode select an island
***uv: double click in edge mode select an edge loop
***edge: double click select an edge loop
***vtx, edge, face: right click + shift on an edge, vertex, face change the
toolbox and select the corresponding item.
***vtx: select path between the last two selected vertices command
***edge: mark as seam
***edge: select edge path (click->select path, shift+click->start new path,
dbl click->reset and start new path)
***rendering: crash when rendering with no meshes
***rendering: crash when rendering with Final Gathering
***uv: add logs
***uv: fit command
***display: face manipulator in local mode: x axis // to ground plane
***uv: select edges in 3d view, shift + dbl Click->select edge path
***uv: select faces in 3d view
***uv: select uv by rect in 3d view
***uv: select uv by lasso in 3d view
***material: Need for a 'cancel' button
***uv: merge uv: selected point after uv merge
***uv: draw diffuse color (or edges)
***material: save channels
***material menu: add procedural texture instances
***face: merge face tool
***ui: bug: deactiveted sub-menu items can be launched

***material/rendering: color for refraction and difraction
***material/rendering: independant channel for diffuse and specular bump
***material: apply channels (including 3dmatpreview.c)
***rendering: use material channels in rendering
***view: display rotating angle when changing point of view
***uv: split tool: move new uvs along edges...
***texture: ensure unique name
***material: recompute procedural texture only when necessary
***material: check texture type (rgb or mono) when applying
***uv: when deleting a projector, remove uvs
***uv: LSCM (seam edges + pin vertices)
***uv: LSCM only on selected island
***uv: select seam edges tool
***uv: LSCM lock x or y moves + uv inputs of last selected
***uv LSCM: add to selection (only shift click a selected uv removes it
from list)
***uv: select connected: for faces and edges too
***3d paint: bug since uv
***3dpaint: color picker, color selector: move right cursor on mouse click
***rendering: background image (hdri or raster) + mapping /color
***rendering: reflection image (hdri or raster) + mapping /color
***rendering: shadow catcher materials
***ui: display commands
***ui: add view info panel (position left/right, top/bottom, mouse) with info
on the view angle, and selection and...
***ui: color picker in the rendered window
***texture window: add color picker
add filter prompt, add show org radio, add openGl size
***rendering: fog bug
***rendering: forced AA
***rendering: fog start distance
***rendering: max fog value
***rendering: save layered pixels layers
***ui: keep default cursor option (for screen capture)
***rendering: layered fog
***rendering: bake ao and fg
***rendering: The fog needs an activation-deactivation checkbox
***material: layer mgt buttons: move up, move down, delete, insert
***material: alpha channel
***ui: display image while starting
***ui: rect select
***ui: position rectangle helpers
***material: delete texture, proc texture, ramp if not used by any material.
texture, proc texture and ramp: get list of material use
(ex: mat1.diffuse, mat3.bump)
***material: The saving (and, so, the reloading too) of materials from within
the material editor does not work.
saving and loading of materials should include textures,
procedural textures and ramps.
***material: only one preview with a select on global or layer
***texture: add a checkbox to show/hide generated textures
***material: parameters with the same scrollbar than the parameter area
***material: default material at root
***material: library without folder view
***material: inverse alpha layer
***material: color for alpha
***material: intensity for transparency and reflection
***procedural txt: dup button
***rendering: render all scene with one material
***material: regenerate all previews
***rendering: intensity for transparency and reflection
***rendering: inverse alpha layer
***rendering: color for alpha layer
***view rendering: crash-> need to refresh tmpObj3d
***material: warn for unsupported ramp inputs (displacement: only texture and
procedural textures, layer alpha, alpha, bump,
transparency and reflexion: no light angle and half angle)
***rendering: spot light pb.
***rendering: displacement channel
***light: spot light show cone angles.
***camera: show camera fustrum (aspect ratio or imgae sizes)
***ui: move helper planes (max and min/ center) for meshes
***rendering: attributes of the selected object put a throw-do not throw shadows
***material: no generated texture selection bug
***material: ao input for ramp
***rendering: ao input for ramp
***rendering: Ao color, Ao filtering, AO Anti-aliasing.
***rendering: Final Gathering color, FG filtering, FG Anti-aliasing.
***rendering: stored AO: compute, use, load
***material: when selecting proc txt for diffuse, add select all and
set all available proc txt channels to corresponding mat channels
***light: A scalable sphere around the selected light to show the 'fading'
***mesh: check merge near vertices tool -> becomes collapse short edges tool
***raster: dds loader
***material: inverse Alpha flag
***rendering: inverse alpha flag
***vertex: merge seems to not update edges...
***txt gen: save sample size
***mesh: min/max parameter undo
***plane cut: by 3 vertices, selected vertices not displayed correctly
***light: display light type in parameters
***3d list: selecting mesh, light, camera change the active toolbox
***3d list: add "hide not selected", "Hide selected", "select by name" commands
***rendering: check if it is better to group all node in the same memory chunk
realloc all nodes, same for 4triangles
***update grow selection for faces, edges and vertices: speed pb
***vertex, edge, face, mesh: copy/paste for position, rotation and size
mesh: selected, min/max, pivot
face: none
vertex: pos
camera: pos, point to
light: pos, point to
***light: no "point to" property for directional light
***edge: select edges between face group
***edge: select edges between smooth group
***script: mesh to game meshes (vertices, normals, uvs, faces (indexes
(one index for vertex, normal, uv)), numTriangles, one material)
***list: click select, shift select a range, ctrl add to selection
***input: font size, font type (support proportional fonts)
***rendering: stop rendering animation
***rendering: feedback on frame being rendered, total rendering time
***animation: light type in parameters
***animation: move curves, camera, light, meshes when freezed in
animation toolbox
***curve: 2D hand with 2 points bug
***animation: init lights (distant light)
***animation: update parameters when changing time
***animation: set orientation, reset transform
***3dmanipulator: wire modes with no feedback!!
***animation: init freeze taking care of parenting

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

well done Very Happy
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