The animation system in Albatross3D is based on keyframe. A keyframe is a value of an attribute at a given time. The keyframe can also store the evolution of the attribute before and after the keyframe (the tangents).
To animate in Albatross3D, opens the Animation toolbox.
The dopesheet and the curve editor can be open in any view. Use the 'd' (or the view option) to change the drawing mode until the animation mode is selected.
Inserting a key is very simple, and can be done in 3 ways: With the first way, the key is inserted on the corresponding attribute or attributes of the group (like 'x', 'y', 'z' attributes of the 'position' group).
The action linked to the second way can be configured in the parameter area:

Pressing the 'i' will insert keyframes on the position and/or the rotation and/or the scale of the selected objects.
Using the third way will insert keys in the selected attribute or attribute group.
When the animation toolbox is active, the user can select a mix of meshes, curves, lights and cameras. The current animation can be configured by pressing the 'Cfg...' button in the parameter area, 'Animation' dropdown button or the button in the dopesheet/curve editor:
  • the start and end frame of the animation;
  • The number of frame per seconds;
  • If the keys are added on frame only or can be added between franes;
  • If keys are added automatically each time an attribute is modified;
  • If the animation should be played in real-time (missing frame if the play rate is not enough) or if each frame should be displayed.